Cleanliness Starts Up in Ourselves

It is a human nature to criticize first before reflecting on themselves. We tend to rely on what we see on others, rather than seeing ourselves first. Whenever there is a problem, we blame others. Cleanliness begins from within ourselves, our homes, our society going through the whole world. Why not do it ourselves? Yes, it is by ourselves. If only one does participate, how poor it is. However, if all do participate, how good and pleasant it is. Cleanliness causes a lot of damages when neglected.

It causes flood, climate change, disease occurrence and so on. However, it is worth complimenting when maintained. It leads to good health. A piece of paper does matter. Even if it is one in quantity, it counts. Then how much more to pieces? Do not neglect few things. Remember that big things usually begin from small things. I think it is not too big deal rather than depending on others to do it. Biodegradables are in fact fertilizers. They are useful but when proper disposal of it is not attended, it kills.

Cleanliness brings happiness and long life to a person. Living in such a surrounding is motivating and inspiring. Look at children. See how much they spend their time for enjoyment. Where could they play not worrying about pollution and diseases? Oftentimes, we keep on complaining because of pollution. But what have we done to lessen pollution? Our earth is now changing! Temperature is becoming hotter due to pollution. Behold and let us start up within ourselves.