Good reasons to be proud as an American

The United States remains as a famous country and still many people want to move there. As it has many different states they can choose from among them what state they are comfortable to live in and what environment they want to adopt. Many foreign nationals move to this nation even if there are many issues and problems that arise. Still, America is a land that many see as a promising land to stay and settle even if it is not easy to get citizenship.

It is no wonder then why many Americans feel proud that they live there. That they are native in that country and they are enjoying many benefits like the natural sceneries, the historic buildings, the rich history, the status of an AmAmericanitizen and many more. If you were to be asked if whay you would be proud as an American, what would be your answer? If you are wondering what would be your answer, I will share you one that is in the video. You should be proud as America is very generous when it comes to donation.

Almost one percent of the whole budget goes to the charities and organizations. Another good answer is that Americans have produced good innovations combined with good creativity to provide products or services that is useful for the humans and the environment, look for this. You can watch the video as it presented more facts that should make you proud as an American.