The Truth About the Green Guide

“Ethnocentrism: It is the belief that your culture is the best in the world. Ecocentrism: It is the belief that your practices are the most ecological anywhere”.

The truth about the city of Eugene is…

The City of Eugene is taking out advertisements and making banners promoting itself as the Number One Green City in America, which is about as accurate as the previous slogan of “World’s Greatest City of the Arts and Outdoors.”

The determination of “Number One” was made by a New York City based publication, known as, The Green Guide, which could be renamed as The Greenwash Guide when one reads the criteria that they had used. Informed sources state that there was zero effort by this publication to fact check anything they were told, and therefore the determination was made solely on answers to a very limited questionnaire.

The Green Guide also claims that trash incineration is a good thing for the environment, which suggests they are either a greenwash group (falsely promoting pollution as ecological) or uninformed. Burning garbage creates thousands of new “products of incomplete combustion” that are much more toxic than the original trash. These new synthesized poisons are then injected into the air (where they are inhaled, ingested or become part of the food chain), or incorporated into the ash (which still has to be landfilled somewhere). Whatever the problem with The Green Guide, they are not an authority to rely upon for accuracy.

Nevertheless, during the recognition of the top 10 green cities through the Green Guide, the City of Eugene was proclaimed to be the top.