Who Must Be the Greatest?

Is Alexander the Great who conquered to world the greatest? Or Bill Gates who is the richest in the world? How about Napoleon who made a remarkable name during the history? Well, when these people were facing the agony of death, they cannot say about their achievements. Because, in fact, their final place is just a piece of land enough for their dead bodies. Even Solomon who was the wisest and most splendid king with abundant wealth said that everything is meaningless.

Peoples, cities, nations and the whole world are in tough competition to be the greatest. “I am the greatest architecture”; “My country is the best in the world”; “My place is the center of economy”; “The One and Only Green City”. These are some titles that people claim. In every claim, there are always criticisms. In every proclamation who is the best or the greatest, there are always protests. Feedbacks, pros, cons, debates and arguments are arising. It like water, flowing endlessly.  There is no stop.

Even if there are set standards, the chosen as the greatest is often not approved by everyone 100 percent. They try to figure out some edges or blemishes. These things are emerging brought by jealousy, envy, hatred and greed. In some cases, which is legal, are due to biasness. And even if there is a representative chosen to be the best, it seems that the others in the lower ranks have more points. Is there really to be the greatest? Indeed, the Almighty Creator is the only greatest.